Blue Ocean Awards India

Pitching competition evaluated by International Jury. Winners are invited to Blue Ocean Strategy Institute at INSEAD, France

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Blue Ocean Awards India Application Form

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Why apply?
  1. All valid applications get global visibility within the Blue Ocean Awards ecosystem
  2. Finalists are invited for a Blue Ocean Strategy bootcamp and mentored on pitching to investors
  3. Winners receive an invitation to the Gala Dinner at INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute
  4. 9 out of 10 winners raise funds within 6 months of winning
Who can apply?

Anyone can apply on behalf of the company. The only condition to be a candidate is a commercialized product or service.

Evaluation criteria
  1. FOCUS on key moments in the buyer-user experience
  2. Reach NONCUSTOMERS: to-be, anti & unexplored
  3. TARGET KEY ISSUES and dreams of customers and noncustomers
  4. ELIMINATE STANDARDS from the Red Ocean offerings
  5. MASS-MARKET offerings: do not address a niche or “early adopters”
  6. DIVERGE compared to the offerings from competitors
  7. HAVE UNIQUE value elements compared to the other offerings on the market
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